Placement of Family-Based Adjustment Applications into the Interview Queue and Name Check Issues

The American Immigration Lawyers Association has provided us with the following information about when family-based adjustment applications under INA sec. 245 get placed in the interview queue, in light of the Feb. 4, 2008 memo from the Immigration Service regarding Name Check Delays: Assuming that an application is otherwise ready to be placed into the interview queue, and the only item remaining is the name check, then the application will be placed in the queue in time for the application to be ready to be scheduled for interview as of the 180th day.

If the application is not ready to be placed into the interview queue (for example, if the biometrics have not been taken), then the application will not be placed into the queue, even if the name check has been completed. USCIS reminds the public that the Field Offices schedule cases when they have available interview slots. The automated system by which Field Offices schedule interviews automatically schedules applications on a first-in, first-out basis (based on the date the filing was received at USCIS, which usually would be when received at the Lockbox), once the NBC identifies a case as interview ready.

I hope the new policy will streamline the process and will speed up the adjustment of status interview scheduling and adjudications.