San Diego Brush Fire continues

A lot has happened in the last few days, and I wanted to make you all aware. Clients are calling the office and we are closed due to the fires. All Federal Government offices and courts are also closed today, we are trying to reach clients to letr them know that visa interview will be scheduled as well.

These are difficult times for San Diegans, but with every crisis we can see why they call this city the Finest. Up to 10,000 people stayed at Qualcomm Stadium overnight after being evacuated from their homes due to San Diego’s devastating wildfires. The overnight stay was “extremely orderly” with no major incidents reported, according to a statement issued by City Councilman Jim Madaffer’s office. More than 5,000 cars were in the Qualcomm lot, and evacuees slept in cots, tents and their cars.

I passed by the Stadium this morning and the mood of the people staying there is very good. As I donated a few gallons of water to the volunteers, I could see the numbers of people helping , donating food and goods and just spending time to listen. At this time of crisis we can this great city coming together as one unit. When we look backl at this disaster we will see that what matters is the people we love, our families and the hope for a new start for all of us.

At this time the battle with the fire is still going on, I will continue updating our clients and readers of the Blog.