San Diego Deportation Attorney -Illegal Immigrant in Lottery Dispute Can Stay in U.S.

This is interesting. An illegal immigrant who filed a civil lawsuit over the ownership of a $750,000 lottery ticket has won the right to stay in the country to fight his legal battle. His lawyer, successfully sought a deferred action on Cua-Toc’s removal order from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The deferred action allows Cua-Toc to temporarily remain in the U.S. to have his day in court.

Deportation, also known as removal, is the process of expelling a foreigner from the country. Because it can be tough to fight your case when you’re no longer living in the United States–and because deportation can cause tremendous stress to you and your family–you should ask to have your deportation postponed while pursuing all legal avenues. This postponement is called a stay of deportation or stay of removal. A stay is a temporary suspension of an action. When we talk about a stay of deportation or a stay of removal, it means that the judge or court has postponed a scheduled deportation.

Different government agencies are involved in the immigration process. Each agency handles requests for a stay of deportation differently. Typically, a stay of deportation would be requested while you are appealing your case. An appeal occurs when you ask a higher court to review the decision of a lower court in hopes that the higher court will decide that the lower court made a mistake in its decision.

In this case, the reason for stay is due to the Civil action relating to the lottery ticket, and this a creative way on the part of the lawyer to get the client to stay and wait for the case to be adjudicated.

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