Florida Marlins Pitcher Admits to Using Fake ID to Enter the U.S.

Florida Marlins closer Leo Nunez admitted Friday to using fake documents and a fake ID to sign a professional contract more than a year ago. Central Electoral Commission President Roberto Rosario said at a press conference that Nunez signed a sworn statement saying he is not the person identified in official documents. Dominican authorities also have arrested Hector Pena Diaz, who is accused of falsifying Nunez’s documents. Nunez returned to his native Dominican Republic on Thursday amid accusations that he was playing under an assumed name.

A person familiar with Nunez’s immigration status told The Associated Press on Thursday that his real name is Juan Carlos Oviedo, and he’s 29, a year older than listed in the team media guide. The person also said the Marlins have been aware of the issue for several months. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because team officials haven’t made any public comment on the case.

The future consequences for providing false documentation to obtain work in the U.S. is severe. Juan Carlos Oviedo’s actions constitute fraud, which will always come up whenever he will apply for a new visa for any reason to come to the U.S. Although there are no statements by him to clarify why he chose to use false documents to come to the U.S. as an athlete, his actions have certainly cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars and many opportunities. That is why it is always important to provide your proper and accurate documentation when you apply for any visa in the U.S.