San Diego Immigration Attorney about mother killed in drug war crossfire

Stories like this one explain the increase in Mexican nationals fleeing to the US. As drug gangs clashed across Tijuana this week, a San Diego mother of two lost her life in the crossfire. Yajaira Orozco was shot in the head when assailants sprayed gunfire inside a seafood restaurant where she was sharing a meal with her husband.

ajaira Orozco, also 23, was one of about 50 people who have died in the past week in Tijuana, many of them as a result of a brutal battle for control between two rival drug-trafficking groups.

But while Yajaira Orozco was a U.S. citizen, Raul Orozco, her spouse, was brought to the United States from Mexico at age 5 and was not a legal resident. In order to apply for legal residency, he first had to move back to Mexico. There are may families in similar situations. Where one of the family members entered the US illegally, and upon marriage to US Citizen are trying to fix their papers. Under current law, the illegal immigrant must leave the US in order to complete the legalization process. Read a client’s story here. While the drug war in Mexico continues, such families are risking their lives every day.

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