San Diego Immigration Lawyer about The Tragedy That Took Place in the Last Few Days in India!

As Thanksgiving festivities end here in the US, we all have heard about horrible tragedy in India the loss of Rabbi and Rebbetzein Holzberg and the hundreds of people there.

Giving up friends, family and ultimately their lives in the service of the Jewish People. Their attack on Chabad was an attack against the free world.

The Holtzbergs arrived in Mumbai in 2003 to serve the small local Jewish community, visiting businesspeople and the throngs of tourists, many of them Israeli, who annually travel to the seaside city.

A cook at the chabad center, who had barricaded herself in a room, grabbed one of the couple’s two children — 2-year-old Moshe — and escaped with another person, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

If you are in San Diego this week-Chabad invite you to come tonight for a special service in the memory of those who past away at “Chabad House San Diego” at 4:30 PM
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