San Diego Immigration Lawyer about the Announcement by DOL for iCERT System Upgrades

United States DOL has advised AILA of that the iCERT system will be taken out of service on Tuesday, August 25, from approximately 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM EDT for system upgrades. DOL will be adding many new features to the application in order to better serve our needs.

Salient features in the new release include:
• The ability to Withdraw Certified LCAs on-line
• The ability for Main Account Holders (Employers as well as Attorneys/Agents) to grant account permission to their Associate Accounts. This will include the ability to grant permission to create a case, submit completed cases, and withdraw cases submitted by the Associate Account Holder as well as view the Main Account Holder.

• The ability for Associate Account Holders (Employers as well as Attorneys/Agents) to create profiles for frequently used company/attorney information, and use those profiles to pre-fill applicable sections of the Form ETA9035E
• Allow the Associate Account Holders’ applications to be pre-populated with the company information specified by the Main Account Holder
• Copy the Attorney/Agent’s email address with certification and denial reason(s) that were previously only sent to the employer’s main contact email
• An enhanced user guide detailing more application features
• Usability and navigation enhancements
The legacy LCA Online System will remain in service and will not be affected by the outage. Please contact the OFLC help desk at for further information on the outage. For specific questions on your application, application status, or other questions that do not pertain to the outage, please contact the OFLC National Processing Center at