San Diego Immigration Lawyer – Immigrants rights

We had a busy week at the firm. In addition to the regular case load, we prepared for two immigration presentations. Earlier this week I presented to the Women in Science Association in San Diego, an association of scientists and researchers. We discussed the different ways they can obtain permanent residency based on their unique skills and education. Clearly, if such immigrants would like to stay, the system is very welcoming.

Later this week, I have spoken to a very different group also very much eager to find ways to stay in the US. I have given a workshop to an Hispanic community base organization here in town, helping their members obtain information on becoming Citizens and in many cases becoming legal in the US. The group consisted of hard working undocumented workers and family members, as well as long term Permanent Residents seeking to become Citizens.

We discussed various legal options, but I heard a lot of complaints about the governments treatment of the illegal population. Systematic raids of residential places by ICE, inhuman treatment of detained illegal immigrants, discrimination at work and more.

Just today the Union Tribune covered the poor detention conditions of immigrant detainees at prvate detention facilities in San Diego. In the past year, ICE and its contractors have come under fire for alleged mistreatment of immigrants. In San Diego last year, the American Civil Liberties Union twice sued the agency and CCA.

One lawsuit alleged overcrowding at the Otay Mesa facility, with three detainees housed in cells designed for two. The other alleged inadequate medical care, with detainees complaining of being denied treatment or waiting months for it.

While we are happy the highly skilled immigrants get the best options to stay, the US Immigration system and its officials should change they way they treat illegal immigrants and those that are trying to work with the system
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