San Diego Immigration Lawyer – ICE using Twitter and YouTube to reach connect with the public!

You might have heard of Twitter, you might even be using it, you might even be an addict (like me).

If you have no idea what Twitter is, it’s basically a ‘microblogging’ service which allows you to push out small bite sized updates (no more than 140 characters). It started out as an SMS based service, but has really moved onto the data platform now with mobile clients improving and data plans becoming more affordable.

Now ICE the USCIS enforcement arm is joining the fun. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is using Twitter and YouTube to engage and educate the public about the agency’s enforcement efforts and its mission to keep the homeland safe.With Twitter ( ( url= ) the public is able to follow breaking news from ICE and access useful information from the agency. ICE’s YouTube channel ( ( ) offers viewers a glimpse into ICE with videos highlighting the agency’s national security role, special capabilities, enforcementoperations, public awareness campaigns and ceremonies.

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