San Diego Immigration Attorney – Possible solution to Immigration Backlog?

We all know that the recent fee hike, and other changes that happened in July created a massive backlog in application processing. Clients are waiting for months just to get receipts. Well now we may have a solution from Sen. Chuck Schumer – Immigration officials should rehire retirees to help clear a backlog of applications that could keep some people from becoming citizens, he said on Thursday:

“For waves of would-be citizens, bureaucratic incompetence is turning the American Dream into a dream deferred,” Schumer said in a news release.

Citizenship and Immigration Services last week announced that people wanting to become U.S. citizens will have to wait 15 months to 18 months, rather than the national average seven months, to naturalize.

The agency received 2.5 million applications in July and August as immigrants tried to beat significant increases in application fees that took effect July 30.

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