Controlling the Mexico-USA border via the internet!

The Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition (TBSC) has installed video cameras mostly on private properties on the Texas border and made the streaming video on its website. People can register on the site for free as “Virtual Texas Deputies” to monitor the live video and anonymously report suspicious activities via e-mail to border sheriffs.

Thousands of people are now virtual Border Patrol agents — and they’re on the lookout for drug smugglers and illegal immigrants.

On Blueservo’s Web site, each camera focuses on an area that’s known for illegal crossing. Next to a real-time view of a grassy meadow is the message: “Look for individuals on foot carrying backpacks.” A shot of a border highway says, “If you see movement from the right to the left, please report this activity.”
When a citizen spots suspicious activity, they click a button on the Web site and write a report. That message goes to the corresponding sheriff’s office. The sheriff may handle the problem or call the U.S. Border Patrol.

Do you feel that the program is a harmless way for volunteers to pass the time, or is the program simply a waste of time, money and resources? Feel free to share your thoughts.