MAVNI Fast Citizenship – What questions the Government want answered?

We are reporting constantly on this program. As many of you know, On 23 February the United States Army initiated a pilot test that allows the enlistment of certain legal non citizens with foreign language abilities under the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest
(MAVNI) Recruitment Pilot. This test is for individuals who live in New York City area.

We now have the official questions the Military is sending as part of the initial screening for MAVNI. In the mean to initiate faster processing of requests, applicants are encouraged to answer the following qualifying questions that will assist in expediting the records.

so here they are:
[1] Are you a US citizen?:
[2] If no, do you have an I-551Card?:
[3] Do you have an Alien Registration Number?:
[4] If No, Are you a lawful permanent resident or conditional lawful
permanent resident?
[5] Are you legally present in the United States?
[6] If yes, how long have you been in the United States?
[7] Have you been in the United States previously? From when to when?
[8] Do you have a social security number?
[9] What Type of Immigration documents or VISA’s you currently possess?
[10] Are you currently attending school?
[10a]If yes, what grade are you in?
[10b]If no, what is the highest education level you have achieved?
[11] What is/ was the name of the school you attended?
[12] Are you married, single, or divorced?
[12a] If married, is your family here in the US?
[12b] If No, where are they located?
[13] Do you have children?
[13a]If yes, how many?
[14] If divorced, who has custody of them?
[15] Do you now or have you ever had any medical issues?
[15a] If so what type?
[16] Have you ever had surgery?
[16a] If yes, what type and when?
[17] Are you currently taking any medication(s)?
[17a] If so list the type, what for and how long on?
[18] Have you ever had any law violations?
[18a] If so, list the charge and date:
[19] Are you on currently on Probation?
[19a] If yes, when are you scheduled for release?
[20] Do you have any tattoos?
[20a] If yes, how many tattoos?
[21] If yes, where are they located?
[22] If yes, what is the style/look like?
[23] Have you ever processed for any branch of US military service?
[23a] If yes, where?
[23b] When?
[23c] What branch?
[24] Have or Are you currently speaking/processing with an Army
[25] Are you interested in Active Duty or Army Reserve?
[26] Have you attended and graduated from a US school?
[27] Have you graduated from a US residency OR possess (Education
Certificate of Foreign Medical Graduate) ECFMG?
[28] Name of last health care facility you worked at?
[29] Do you currently have an unrestricted license?
[30] Do you have any open malpractice case(s) open?
[31] Are you currently serving in foreign Military, either as Active
Duty or Reservist?
[32] Please list all the languages you speak; [33] Have you left United
States for more than 90 days in the past two years?
We will post more info about this program as it becomes available.