USCIS Extends Green Card Validity Extension to 24 Months for I-90 Green Card Renewals and Replacements


In this blog post we share with you some great news for lawful permanent residents filing Form I-90 Application to Replace or Renew existing permanent resident cards.

On September 28, 2022, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that beginning September 26th the agency will be automatically extending the validity of Permanent Resident Cards (Green Cards) to 24 months for lawful permanent residents who file the Form I-90.

All green card holders who file Form I-90 to renew an expiring or expired green card will receive this automatic extension on their receipt notice. Previously, Form I-90 receipt notices for green card renewal applicants provided an automatic extension of only 12-months.

USCIS has already started printing amended receipt notices for individuals that have a pending Form I-90 application with USCIS, granting the 24-month extension.

These receipt notices can be presented with an expired Green Card as evidence of continued status to employers, and during international travel. The additional 12-month validity period was provided as a form of relief to those applicants who have been experiencing longer processing times.

Permanent residents who no longer have their green card (either because it was lost, stolen, or destroyed) who need evidence of their lawful permanent resident status while waiting to receive their replacement green card, can request an appointment at a USCIS Field Office via the USCIS Contact Center, to receive an ADIT stamp (Alien Documentation, Identification, and Telecommunications) after filing Form I-90.

For more information about this please visit the USCIS webpage.

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