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The P1 Visa is for Internationally recognized athletes or athletic teams entering the U.S. to participate in an event of international standing. The B1 Visa is for Professional athletes to compete for tournament money and not for a salary among other things. Department of Homeland Security reserves B-1 visas for non-contracted players who are coming to training camp to try out. In reality, many players entering the U.S. with a standard contracts on a B1, even though it violates the letter of the law. The B-1 can cost up to $1,550 less than the P-1.

Chad Starling hopes something will change, and that he’s the last ECHL player who gets turned around at the U.S.-Canadian border because he doesn’t have the proper work visa.

ECHL commissioner Brian McKenna said if something does change, it will be up to the member teams. He’s comfortable with the league’s immigration policy as it currently stands.